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Prime Realty Services, LLC [xlvi], ( � a privacy invasion claim-and an accompanying request for attorney�s fees-may be stated under ( G. DUTY OF DISTRICT AND COUNTY ATTORNEY. (a) It is the duty of the district and county attorneys to lend to the consumer protection division any assistance requested in the commencement and prosecutions of action under this subchapter. (b) A district or county attorney, with prior written notice to the consumer protection division, may institute and prosecute actions seeking injunctive relief under this subchapter, after complying with the prior contact provisions of Subsection (a) of Section 17.47 of this subchapter.

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The courts won’t rewrite the contract to give different terms. So far as factor (c) is concerned it depends on a balance being struck between reasonableness to the parties and reasonableness to the public. The latter element is rarely invoked; but see George Walker & Co v Jann 1991 SLT 771. Several broad types of covenant can be elicited from the cases. Contracts where the seller of a business undertakes not to compete with the purchaser. (Nordenfelt (above)) ref.: If your complaint involves the receipt of SPAM, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at , e.g. If a consumer agrees to buy something from a telemarketer or salesperson, they must be given a written copy of the contract and be informed of the cooling-off period. A 10-business day cooling-off period now applies, during which consumers can cancel a purchase without penalty. The new rules do not allow a supplier to supply any goods or services, or accept or require payment, during the cooling-off period ref.: Does not cover rewards or loyalty cards, prepaid wireless telephone service cards, or cards that are useable at multiple unaffiliated merchants , cited: In such a case he may be entitled to withhold performance of his part of the contract (retention) or retain possession of the other party’s goods (lien). General rule is that a liquid debt cannot be set off against an illiquid claim and claims must be contemporaneous Insolvency Act 1986 s.214) - clawback provision (IA 1986 s.214A). As regards any potential personal liability by the members for the LLP’s acts, it is important that the members are always seen to act on behalf of the LLP (Williams v (1) Natural Life Health Foods Ltd and (2) Mistlin[1997] I BCLC 131, [1997] BCC 605) ref.:

Most cancellation clauses require a revocation fee, limited by law to no more than 10 percent of the total amount that you have paid in , source: Within 15 days after the date the buyer gives a notice of cancellation under this section, the seller shall refund to the buyer any payments, including payments for shipping costs, made by the buyer and terminate all financial obligations of the buyer under the contract. Within five days after receiving the refund, the buyer shall make available to the seller, at a reasonable time and place, any products, equipment, or supplies delivered by the seller ref.: In Victoria, section 8 of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 (Vic) (“AC& FTA)” applies the Australian Consumer Law in schedule 2 to the C&CA as a law of the state of Victoria. This chapter contains a brief description of the main consumer protection legislation that applies in Victoria, under the ACL. This chapter provides only an introduction to the subject
S. 20-351), applies to new passenger cars, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and most vans bought in North Carolina. It requires manufacturers to repair defects that affect the use, value, or safety of a new motor vehicle within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) The vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer's 50,000 mile drive train warranty. If Joe experiences recurrent transmission problems with the vehicle during the remaining warranty period, he would probably qualify for a hearing before the MVAB under the NH "Lemon Law." If, on the other hand, Joe had bought his van with 60,000 miles on the odometer and all original manufacturer's warranties had expired, he probably would not qualify for assistance under the NH "Lemon Law." The California Security Breach Notification Law is triggered by unauthorised disclosure of unencrypted information, so it encourages companies to encrypt the personal information of Californians. B. 864, which defines information as encrypted if it is rendered unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to an unauthorised person through a security technology or methodology generally accepted in the field of information security We believe the legal system is in serious need of repairs to make it simpler, fairer and more accessible to ordinary people, and we're working toward those ends. But as long as the system is more attuned to the lawyers than the public, Nolo will keep guiding people through it , cited: Our New York consumer fraud lawyers often sit across the table from our adversaries and accuse them of lying or cheating ref.: Some are nothing more than pyramid schemes. A pyramid scheme is a plan or operation in which a person receives compensation primarily for bringing in additional participants rather than for selling a product ref.:
Specifically, it was asserted that bank employees � completed certain blank lines contained in a standard � Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Uniform Instrument � to the name and address of the borrower, the date of the loan and the terms of the loan, including the principal amount loaned, the interest rate and the monthly payment � Legal issues include the application of guidelines, determination of imputed income (estimated income for a nonworking parent) and arrearages (unpaid child support) and collection, tax treatment, enforcement, modification or termination of child support awards. Citizenship: Citizenship concerns the acquisition of United States citizenship including citizenship by birth, by blood or descent, by naturalization, by collective naturalization (citizenship extended to residents of newly acquired territories and possessions) and by derivative naturalization (citizenship acquired by the naturalization of a mother, father or spouse) pdf. When comparing the price of a product to one charged by a competitor, make sure the competitor is selling an identical product and that the competitor has sold enough of the item to make the advertised sale price a legitimate bargain , e.g. These remedies are subject to safeguards for the seller to allow him reasonable time to effect repairs or replacements (SOGA, s.48D), or to allow him to prove that the goods were conform to requirements in the first place (SOGA, s.48A(3)) , source: PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE A professional person is expected to reach the standard of a reasonably careful member of that profession: Hunter v Hanley 1955 SC 200 No account is taken of inexperience: Wilsher v Essex Area Health Authority [1988] 2 WLR 557 The standard of care depends on the wrongdoer’s rank or position: greater skill is expected from a consultant than from a GP A transaction that occurs between a company and a consumer, as opposed to a transaction between companies (called B2B) , source: A settlement on behalf of a nationwide class was obtained which brought about a significant change in the business practice, had a potential monetary value to class members in excess of $7 million (refunds and debt cancellation), and resulted in credit repair for class members. (Orange County California Superior Court) This case alleged that certain contracts purporting to be finance leases were unconscionable , cited: Students can also get real-world exposure in law and business clinics such as the International Transactions Clinic, which provides legal services to clients conducting cross-border transactions in emerging markets. Law students can take courses at NYU's Stern School of Business and actively participate in the intellectual life of centers, such as the Pollack Center for Law & Business and the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement It does not apply to business-to-business contracts download. In Texas, the law regards Deceptive Trade Practices is codified in the Texas Business and Commerce Code, Title 2, Chapter 17 ref.:

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