Genesis: Secrets of Creation by Rudolf Steiner,Baruch Urieli,P. Wehrle

By Rudolf Steiner,Baruch Urieli,P. Wehrle

How used to be the area created? conflict strains are presently drawn among dogmatic camps: the fundamentalist 'Creationists' who think that production happened in six days, and the medical reductionists who expound theories of 'big bangs' and so forth. From an instantaneous religious belief of the proof, Rudolf Steiner offers a brand new standpoint which transcends those bipolar arguments. He affirms that clairvoyant study accords with the biblical descriptions, yet he emphasizes that the textual content of Genesis should be interpreted in a unique manner. during this impressive rfile, Steiner speaks of the six days of construction as a reawakening of the former levels of the Earth's improvement. He describes the paintings of potent non secular entities known as the Elohim, and the way they co-operated with different religious hierarchies within the production of Earth. He additionally clarifies the connection of the Elohim and the biblical Jehovah. moreover, Steiner discusses subject matters of sunshine and darkness, the that means of Adam and Eve, the 'day of leisure' at the 7th day, the levels of human improvement on the earth, and the unique personality of the Hebrew language. additionally featured during this new version is a formerly unpublished introductory lecture at the which means of poser drama.

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Criminologia Esoterica. Manuale di studio teorico-pratico by Giulio Perrotta

By Giulio Perrotta

Il manuale propone un'attenta analisi degli aspetti scientifici e tecnici dei fenomeni occulti ponendo l'accento sulla gestione generale dell'indagine legata ai culti settari e ai culti improntati sul fenomeno spiritico, demoniaco e ufologico. Ogni capitolo è accompagnato da materiale fotografico illustrato, oltre i riferimenti tecnici in line with imparare a distinguere i genuini fenomeni legati al culto esoterico e delle origini dal culto moderno, filosofie new age e paranormali. Un viaggio intenso nei meandri della criminologia esoterica, spiegato passo passo. Agile e scorrevole, il testo si propone consistent with tutti coloro che vogliono approfondire le materie legate al mondo dell'occulto e ai crimini con sfondo satanico. L'opera è arricchita da due contributi interviste, il primo a Mauro Biglino, studioso e saggista italiano, noto al grande pubblico in step with le sue analisi sui testi sacri dell'Antico Testamento e sulle mistificazioni religiose, e il secondo a Daniele Gullà, consulente tecnico ed esperto nei fenomeni psico-energetici e audiometrici, noto volto della televisione italiana.

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Magic: An Occult Primier by David Conway

By David Conway

David Conway’s Magic: An Occult Primer is a seminal paintings that introduced magical education to the every-magician within the early 70s. David is an articulate author offering the mysteries in a truly manageable demeanour for the intense scholar. besides the up-to-date texts on philosophy and sensible magic is a plethora of pix that experience all been redrawn, promising to be one other collector’s version released by means of The Witches’ Almanac.

The ebook is split into sections: “Magical thought” and “Magical Practice.” “Magical thought” offers a truly concise accounting of the philosophy at the back of magic. Conway starts with a exposé of magic in the confines of ordinary legislation, taking the time to meticulously locate corollary for the foundation of magic. He then takes us into an exposition of the Kabbalah and broader cosmological issues. Conway drills down into day-by-day perform and additional explores the fundamental education important for a magician during this day and age.

“Magical perform” starts with the arrangements worthy for the perform of magic. Conway starts this part with a number of tables of correspondences that would turn out useful to even the complicated magician. He maintains with an exam of the timing of rituals in addition to where and formality gear useful for rites. Conway then presents grasp rituals provided for either Kabbalistic and Egyptian ways. He additionally offers aspect on astral projection, talismanic magic, and prophecy.

Magic: An Occult Primer ends with appendices that current specified magical recipes, an exam of magical alphabets, and an intensive occult Who’s Who.

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Findings: In Metaphysic, Path, & Lore by Charles Upton

By Charles Upton

The Traditionalist or Perennialist institution of metaphysics, esoterism, and comparative faith, ‘founded’ by means of René Guénon and Ananda ok. Coomaraswamy, and carried on by way of such figures as Frithjof Schuon, Titus Burckhardt, and Martin Lings, produced a physique doctrine of infrequent intensity and comprehension, successfully re-introducing to the fashionable and postmodern West the perennial knowledge of the human race. For the earlier two decades, the writer has immersed himself in those teachings, and made his personal modest contribution to them.The 3 basic pillars of ‘classical’ Traditionalism/Perennialism are, (1) That God has despatched multiple revelation to humanity, verified multiple model of the trail in which the religious traveller may well go back to Him, every one revelation being a providential department of the good tree referred to as the Primordial culture; (2) That whereas definitely there's a Sophia Perennis, a unanimous and perennial knowledge given through God and transmitted from the sunrise of humanity right down to the current day, there can't in our time be a Religio Perennis, a unmarried common doctrine and perform in accordance with the Primordial culture; hence the seeker needs to search his car between one of many dwelling orthodox published traditions, now not in a few “revival” of a common religion, or the fragments of it, from a long time useless and long gone; (3) on condition that the current cycle of manifestation is quickly drawing close dissolution, the seeker’s perennial accountability to damage identity with the approach of collective egotism referred to as This international, and provides his allegiance to God on my own, needs to now be noticeable in mild of the truth that This global is ready to end.Some shortly linked to the Traditionalist/Perennialist tuition, in spite of the fact that, now not carry to “classical Traditionalism/Perennialism” as i've got outlined it. i've got written this e-book partially to articulate many of the simple tenets of the 1st generations of the Traditionalist tuition, with a view to offer readers with a comparatively reliable element of reference that may confidently let them see simply how, and what sort of, that faculty has replaced within the first years of the twenty first century.

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Transforming the Soul Vol 1 by Rudolf Steiner,Pauline Wehrle,P. Werhle

By Rudolf Steiner,Pauline Wehrle,P. Werhle

The spiritual-scientific investigator has ... to rework the soul itself into an tool; then - whilst his soul is woke up and he can see right into a non secular international - he studies, on a better point, an identical nice second as blind humans do while, having been operated upon, they give the impression of being at a global they've got no longer noticeable earlier than. In a key sequence of lectures on own improvement, Rudolf Steiner explains that the imperative challenge of non secular technology is to allow humans to ascend, in complete recognition, to an information of non secular realities. yet provided that the capability to accomplish religious belief at the moment are commonly on hand, the risk exists that a few members will achieve entry to the religious international while harbouring impure causes. this may bring about a distorted realizing and imaginative and prescient of that global. Steiner's emphasis, consequently, is at the preparatory steps - the metamorphosis and purification of the human soul - required for reaching real religious enlightenment. existence itself teaches and prepares us for development, and anthroposophy explains and brings this to attention. In a few of his such a lot lucid lectures, Steiner describes the missions of anger, fact and reverence, the importance of human personality, the that means of asceticism and sickness, and the phenomenon of egoism. He additionally clarifies the variations among Buddhism and Christianity, describes the target of non secular technological know-how, and makes a few esoteric observations in regards to the moon. through the talks Steiner refers to many major old figures, together with St Augustine, Coleridge, Leonardo da Vinci, Madame Blavatsky, Goethe, Homer, and Shakespeare.

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The Secret Parchment (Transylvania Series Book 4) by Radu Cinamar,Peter Moon

By Radu Cinamar,Peter Moon

In 2003, while a mysterious old chamber was
unearthed underneath the Romanian Sphinx within the Bucegi Mountains, it turned a country mystery of the top point for Romania and their new accomplice, the U.S., whose complicated know-how enabled the invention to ensue. the first custodial company of this extraordinary chamber filled with holographic expertise is division 0, a mystery carrier unit that solutions purely to the Romanian president. Ever given that, there was a continual and chronic attempt via sure Romanian and American factions to undermine the authority of division 0 on the way to achieve entry to and keep an eye on this technology.

The mystery Parchment — 5 Tibetan Initiation recommendations tells the tale of the unique political intrigues at the back of this impressive locate and likewise how those issues were topic to intervention by means of stronger religious forces, certainly one of which issues the prepared discovery of an historic Tibetan manuscript that is printed and defined during this book.

After the traditional manuscript is translated, a mysterious antenna-like constitution finds itself due to
melting ice close to a mystery American base in Antarctica. performing as a few type of cosmic buoy, it has an strength
signature connecting either to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and a space of Transylvania the place the is still of an historic civilization have been exposed in 1990 amidst enormous tunnels of stable gold. some time past categorised because the best kingdom mystery of Romania, this place turns into the guts of intrigue in and round division 0. even if no longer actually
penetrating the underground zone itself, Peter Moon
visits the overall quarter and determines that this historic civilization continues to be a great deal alive and active.

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The Hammer of Witches: A Complete Translation of the Malleus by Christopher S. Mackay

By Christopher S. Mackay

The Malleus Maleficarum, first released in 1486–7, is the normal medieval textual content on witchcraft and it remained in print through the early sleek interval. Its descriptions of the evil acts of witches and the how you can exterminate them proceed to give a contribution to our wisdom of early smooth legislation, faith and society. Mackay's hugely acclaimed translation, in keeping with his vast learn and specified research of the Latin textual content, is the one whole English model to be had, and the main trustworthy. Now on hand in one quantity, this key textual content is finally obtainable to scholars and students of medieval heritage and literature. With exact explanatory notes and a advisor to extra examining, this quantity bargains a distinct perception into the fifteenth-century brain and its experience of sin, punishment and retribution.

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Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire by Father Sebastiaan,Konstantinos

By Father Sebastiaan,Konstantinos

Since the sunrise of civilization the vampire has danced in the course of the goals and nightmares of each tradition, expressed in folklore, literature, and paintings. at the present time, this fascination resonates in pop-culture, via hit tv indicates and films and bestselling books. yet what does it suggest to be a vampire, a residing and sleek vampire? What many don't notice is that the dwelling Vampyre is on a significant, lifelong religious course. top often called Strigoii Vii, the dwelling Vampyre is person who has launched into a major and lifetime religious course. not only “kids in capes,” the individuals of this magickal neighborhood search to stay in glamour and formality each day. The Vampyre Sanguinomicon presents a profound viewpoint at the Vampyre tradition, traditions, flow and philosophies, that are meant to problem and encourage your views. Chapters contain Vampyre Ritual, Vampyre Sensuality, starting Vampyrism, and The Vampyre Wedding.

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