Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels by Marie D. Jones,Larry Flaxman

By Marie D. Jones,Larry Flaxman

The satan is going by way of many names, and his tribe is legion. all through human historical past, we have now been keen about the darkish opposites of God and angels, gentle, and mercy. if it is our non secular and sacred texts, folklore and myths of outdated, legends, fairy stories, novels, or the flicks and tv indicates of at the present time, the darkish entities enthrall us, terrify us, and remind us of the dualities of lifestyles. yet the place did they originate? Are they genuine? Does each faith or zone of the realm comprise them?

Exploring over dozen non secular traditions, myths, folkloric and religious traditions, the area of the supernatural, and the demons, the satan, and fallen angels in today’s popular culture, Demons, the satan, and Fallen Angels is a finished source of the various faces of the satan, his minions, ominous deities, and the darker facet of nature and ourselves. From historic demon worship to fashionable Satanism, the bloody period of the Inquisitions and later witch burnings to the Satanic Panic of the late-twentieth century, and mystery occult societies to Hitler's involvement with demonology, this e-book covers all of it. Readers will find out about the most important figures in heritage linked to demons and the satan, the worshiping of the darkish forces, and the lives of Aleister Crowle, John Dee, and Anton LaVey, in addition to recognized figures who have been alleged Satanists, a few of whom may possibly shock you! additionally featured are dozens of examples of hyperlinks among demons/fallen angels and extraterrestrial beings, cryptids, apparitions and poltergeists, and IDEs (interdimensional entities). have been the demons of the Bible in all likelihood historic alien viewers? Are alien abductions and poltergeists rather demons in conceal? Is narrow guy a latest day demonic entity ... or absolutely fake?

This interesting examine devil, evil spirits, and their 10,000-year background has one hundred twenty photos, drawings, and illustrations to carry the photos of over two hundred demons and fallen angels to shivering lifestyles. Demons, the satan, and Fallen Angels additionally incorporates a necessary bibliography and an intensive index, including to its usefulness. it's a complete, transparent, and goal examine a topic that fills most folks with worry and dread. but the presence of darkish angels keeps to stay part of our human adventure, our pop culture, and our religious understandings. Come and discover the shadowy aspect of lifestyles and its essential a part of our nature.

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